WWE SuperCard Hack And Cheats Get Unlimited Credits in 2019

The stars are out, the ring is set, and you are about to start watching the blood pumping matches of wresting in the mobile gaming world.

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WWE SuperCard is a multiplayer card-battle RPG by 2k games. The game is all about collecting the best of WWE players in your deck and defeating the enemy squad. But to smack your enemy down, you need to know how to hack WWE SuperCard.

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Read further for all the possible WWE SuperCard hack and cheats to collect in-game currencies in WWE SuperCard.

Legit WWE SuperCard Hack And Cheats to Win The Battle

Pick The Right Opponents

Anyone starting as a beginner should consider this WWE SuperCard Hack and choose opponents with a high number of losses first. The advantage of taking these players is that you will have high chances of survival in the game as his deck must not be well balanced for sure.

wwe supercard hack cheats free credits generator

WWE SuperCard Hacks And Cheats

Once you fix your target on these players in the game, you will get to know their insights during the game that will help you to trounce them. You can practice on these players to master your skills.

Wise Use of Cards

Training your most potent players is very important among WWE SuperCard cheats in WWE SuperCard as these players are the key to your success. You have to provide them with everything to train the best out of them. You can use your standard cards against them.

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Your standard cards are the ones who are of no good use. Your dominant players need to reach a level cap, and for that, they need to knock down more players in the training mode.

Choose Your Wrestler Accordingly

Compatibility among players is essential for a perfect match. You have to choose players according to their compatibility with enemy players.

To know the WWE SuperCard cheats for compatibility always keep an eye on the arrow icon appears on the right- hand side of the players. This arrow indicates their compatibility against the enemy players.

There will be arrows and signals indicating there stats and compatibility. If there is a single coloured square, that means they are highly compatible and will receive a bonus stats in a tag team match.

Merge Double Cards to Get an Influential Superstar!

Don’t have any superstar card? Don’t worry; you will know how to hack WWE SuperCard to get an influential superstar. You can always merge double cards to make a dominant superstar.

If you have any double cards having unique and rare abilities, then turn them into their best whenever you want.

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When to use the Support Cards?

Support cards can be a big game-changer WWE SuperCard cheats. Also, they can be used once in a match only. So, it is crucial to know when to use them.

Always choose your support card before the wrestler cards. Now, wait for the right time to use them in the match. Don’t be hasty or else you will end up wasting this precious card.

Swap Players Before They Get Exhausted in the King of the Ring Cards

King of the ring cards is the deadliest tournament in the game. Your wrestlers will tend to lose their strength and stamina with each bout. You cannot keep them for a long time in the match to get them defeated.

Keep these WWE SuperCard cheats in mind and swap your players during the match with fresh players before they get out of energy. You can also get them back once they get refreshed. Wrestlers recharge their energy level by resting.

Another WWE SuperCard hack tool to get energy refill cards is by playing exhibition matches.

Train Your Diva Cards First

Diva cards are more beneficial than any superstar cards. It is challenging to have a diva card in WWE SuperCard. Most players probably go with superstar cards. So it is better to go with the rarer cards instead of searching WWE SuperCard hack apk.

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Train and upgrade your diva cards and prepare them for the diva matches to grab some fantastic rewards.

Play Exhibition Matches and Collect More Cards

Exhibition matches are great WWE SuperCard cheats for earning cards in the game. The best part of these matches is there is no specific limit for matches you play. Play how many times you want, and you won’t get out of energy. Isn’t that an excellent way of collecting more cards?

The rewarding system of these exhibition matches is also perfect. You will get a card every time you lose and two cards for every time you win. There is no other more straightforward WWE SuperCard credits generator for collecting cards in the game than exhibition matches.

Fill the Rarity Bar for Better Prizes

Exhibition and king of the ring mode have a bundle of rewards for better rarity players. Keep all the players with rarest wrestlers like common, uncommon, rare, super rare+ and ++, epic, epic + and ++, legendary and legendary +and ++ and win exciting rewards. Your tier level will directly reflect your performance level in the game, and you will not require any WWE SuperCard hack apk once you have these cards in your deck.

Keep Your Energy bar Full Before Entering The King of the Ring Mode

King of the ring mode is the most passive mode of WWE SuperCard. It requires a lot of energy and strengths. Do not make the mistake of entering the king of the ring mode until you have all your five energy slots full. WWE SuperCard cheats in this regard is these bouts or energy levels are recharged at regular interval. So play the game with some break.

Your energy bar will help your players revive during the game. If you want your players to stay longer in the match, then keep refreshing them from time to time.

Get at Least Eight Rare Superstars And Two Rare Divas in Your Deck

As you move up in the tournament matches will be tighter, and your deck should be equipped likewise. The WWE SuperCard cheats in this regard is to have at least eight superstars and two rare divas in your deck for the high-level matches.

High-level matches, especially the king of the ring matches, requires dominant superstars a lot more than other matches. A good number of superstar and divas will help you get a substitute for the tired wrestlers in the ring.

Watch Advertisements

Another more comfortable and quicker WWE SuperCard cheats for earning credits in the game is watching ads. You can get the right amount of credits by watching these advertisements daily. Every day you will get three to four chances of watching commercials.

How to Get a Ticket in WWE SuperCard?

Following are a few of WWE SuperCard credits hack to earn tickets at a regular interval:

  • Complete five Daily challenge and win three tickets
  • Pro A card and get one ticket
  • Go undefeated in a wild game and get one ticket
  • Win consecutive three women royal rumble game and earn one ticket
  • Play three women royal rumble game and get one ticket
  • Level Up and get one ticket
  • Open a card pack and get one ticket
  • Play six wild games and get one ticket

The Reality Behind Generator and WWE SuperCard Mod Apks

When you search on the internet the WWE SuperCard credits hack, a lot of websites will offer you generators and mod apks to get coins and rewards instantly. Then let us make it very clear to you that there are no such things like generators and WWE Supercard mod apk in reality.

These are only just scams and are, of course, non-legit ways to trap you.

These WWE SuperCard credits generator sites take away your data for other illegal purposes. Some of them also contain viruses which you don’t want to step into. Hence, use only legit sources and enjoy the game.

Final Words

We have mentioned all the possible WWE SuperCard hack and tricks for you to win WWE SuperCards. Hope you will have a pleasant experience playing the game. We will keep you updated about all the latest developments of the game as there are continuous updates.