Mario Kart Tour Hack And Cheats : Get Unlimited Free Rubies Coins

Mario has been a fascinating character who was untouched for android and iOS users until the launch of Mario Kart Tour. The popularity is so immense that the day one download has hit 1 million.

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However, it is altogether a different game from other Mario racing and made in tune with another freemium model of Android version of the game.

Here are the Mario Kart Tour Hack And Cheats for the beginners to progress faster and collect all game currencies leisurely.

5 Best Mario Kart Tour  Hack And Cheats For Beginners

Choose Your Driver Kart And Glider Carefully

There are three primary elements of Mario kart that can affect your performance in the race. Using  Driver, Kart and Glider in a proper manner is, therefore, an essential Mario kart tour hack. You can make a perfect combo of these three elements and increase the chances of win.

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Mario Kart Tour Cheats

  • Best driver, Kart and glider can increase your position points in the game the most. You can check the Position Point you will get from each combo before you start the race.
  • As you go higher in CC, you can unlock more and more variety of these elements. At the beginning Races with lesser CC the Bonus points affect much on the combo of these three. So you have to find the perfect combo of these items and score as much Position Points as you can.

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But how to hack Mario kart tour to get these items? Best way to collect them is to pull triggers. When you have rubies, you can pull triggers using them. The best Mario kart tour hack to get new drivers, Karts and Gliders are to save rubies until you accumulate at least ten pull at a time. Ten pull will require 45 rubies

Aim to Collect Coin Frenzy

Frenzy is another excellent feature of Mario Kart. When you get three items from the box, you land a Frenzy. Frenzies have invincible power to place your driver to the ultimate speed in the race. Frenzy can also create a chain of combos to receive the on-screen items.

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  • Higher grade Drivers, Kart and Gliders have a better chance to land Frenzy as they can collect three items in their race.
  • The ultimate aim of your racing is to collect coin frenzy. Collecting more coins can give you additional bonuses.
  • Frenzy weapons can hit other competitors, and this will add up additional points after the race.

Target For a High Score to Get Grand Stars

Every race you win will allot you some Grand stars based on your performance. You can collect a maximum of five stars from every race.

  • Grand stars are essential to unlock tours in Mario Kart. The Mario kart tour hack in this regard is to play the same Tour, again and again, to collect more and more grand stars until you unlock the next Tour.
  • You can also collect Grand stars playing weekly Tour.

Know the Control Mechanism Accurately

Settings and control mechanism are additional Mario kart tour cheats that are quite essential to know precisely. If you are an old Mario race player, you might think it as a natural turf for you. Still, it is an entirely new game way different than others. But a suitable adjustment of the control settings can make to feel like traditional Mario race.

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Manual Drift

Drifting in the touch phone is different than the console, but it’s easier. Simply swiping your screen, you can Drift in Mario Kart Race. Drifting is an excellent way to collect additional speed boost in the race. However, Mario kart tour cheats to continue this extra boost is do not move your fingers from the screen. If you remove it, you lose this speed boost.

Manual drifting is a beneficial way of drifting in Mario Kart Tour. It also gives you an ultra mini turbo. It is an excellent Mario kart tour trick to get a considerable speed boost if done accurately.

Smart Steering

Smart steering assistance is another unique tool that can change your game experience. For new gamers, it is an added benefit to stay on.


If you do not possess the skill of kart game, you need to rely on the auto mode to use the available items in your bag. It uses the boosts and other additional items automatically in gacha mechanism.

The gamer’s advice about this Mario kart tour hack is to turn off Autoselect. But before that, you have to be swift in using your device control through enough practice.

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Gyro Handling

Gyro control is an additional Mario kart tour hack for the experienced gamers to use your physical move of the device to control your game movement. It is an excellent benefit for console gamers to use the pocket device.

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Launch All Stunts on Air

For beginners, this is not an advisable thing, but if you have made through kart games for a more extended period, then you must be master of stunts. When you are on air and performing any action, you might find additional boosts.

In Mario Kart race, stunts can interact you with balloons or a dinosaur head on air. While passing by these elements, you need to tap your screen for additional time, and you would be able to collect the booster. On final leaps, these boosters are the best Mario kart tour hack.

How to Hack Mario Kart Tour to Get Coins And Rubies


Coins are the currency that gives you the liberty to purchase various items in Mario Kart Tour as a currency of micro-transaction. You will get new karts, upgrades for drivers and gliders by exchanging coin in Mario Kart Race.

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Another additional advantage in collecting coin is to get an extra boost in the game. Each coin speeds up yourself and increases the top speed of the race.

But do not use any Mario Kart Tour Hack APK to get coins.

Daily Login Bonus

Becoming a consistent player in the game offers you a set of coins every alternate day in the race. It is most leisurely Mario kart tour cheats to collect a handful of this currency, you will get 400 coins total at the beginning week of the game if you merely log in the game daily. You need not play a single tour after that.

Collect coins from race

In the race, you will receive coins by only hitting them while passing by. You need not use any Mario kart tour hack apk to get these coins.

You will receive a maximum of 10 coins in the game while making a boost of top speed. But if you hit an object, it will decrease three coins from your collection.

Your bonus points in the game determine your additional gift of the coin after each race. When you have more bonus point you will receive more coin but the minimum amount os three.

Coin rush

Coin Rush is a new mini court full of coins usually additional than the usual game arena. As you race here you will hit more coins and collection is substantial without much effort. But there are Mario kart tour cheats to play coin rush. You have to spend ruby in the game to enter in coin rush.

Exchanging five rubies, you will get single multiplier in the coin rush game which increases to the double or triple collection when you spend ten or fifteen rubies.


Rubies are the premium currency of the game. But as you know, Mario games are not all about micro-transactions. Similarly here you can use Rubies to fire up the pipe or Play Coin Rush.

Following are a few Mario kart tour hack to collect Rubies in-game

  • Clearing every cup, you will get rubies. For example, when you complete the journey of your first cup, you can get 20 rubies.
  • Daily login bonus is another super Mario kart tour cheats to collect rubies for free. Every alternate day, in the beginning, you are granted five rubies when you login the game.
  • VIP pass in Mario Kart Tour is additionally a paid subscription that increases your chance to win this Mario kart tour cheats You have a greater chance of collecting rubies as a VIP member.

Final Mario Kart Tour Hack to Collect Freebies

Free trial of VIP pass is the ultimate Mario kart tour hack of the game to get a feel of VIP and receive free rewards through it. For new gamers, Nintendo is offering this benefit for two weeks. Benefit for VIP passes can be obtained throughout the period.

Finally, we would suggest you decide whether you want to continue further based on this experience. As a free to play gamer, you can unsubscribe at the end of the trial period. Or if you want to continue, you can spend this small amount and enjoy for another month.

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But if you are relying on Mario kart tour mod apk, you will not get any of this benefit.

Final Words

Practice makes the game perfect in Mario Kart Tour. The best use of our tips is to stay away from all kind of Mario kart tour mod apk downloads as Nintendo account cannot be bypassed in this game.

Check frequently to get more new Mario kart tour cheats as the game unfolds in each update.