Mario Kart Tour Coin Rush : Everything You Want to Know

mario kart tour coin rush

Mario Kart Tour is one of the fun-loving games that will take you on a world tour. The game has beautiful tracks and the beauty of nature.

Any games you play need the resources to survive and play the game for a longer period. In Mario Kart Tour, there are two types of main currencies i.e., Rubies and coins. Rubies can help you to activate the pipe that randomly creates the new drivers, gliders, and karts.

On the other hand, you must need coins to grab the daily collection, and you can keep an aim to purchase a particular item if you have enough coins. Mario Kart tour coin rush is one of the best ways to fill your account with coins. If you are looking for more legit ways then checkout our dedicated article mario kart tour hack and cheats for unlimited free rubies and coins instantly.

You must have sufficient coins, and for this, you can play in the coin rush. Many players don’t know what coin rush in Mario kart tour is but don’t worry here we will discuss all the things you want to know about this particular mode in the game.

What is the Coin Rush in Mario Kart Tour Game?

Mario Kart Tour Coin Rush is a special mode where you can take charge of a gold Mario on circuit track where the track is full of coins, and don’t forget that your ultimate target is to collect as many coins as you can before you came to an end of the track.

Collecting coins has one more benefit, and i.e., they increase your speed. The maximum limit of earning the coins through this mode is ten.

How to Do Coin Rush In Mario Kart Tour?

The game is fully packed with the coins. Well, the coins are not able to unlock the green pipes like rubies, but the gold coins are still a notable investment.

You can use these gold coins to buy resources like karts, drivers, and gliders from the game shop. You need to have a significant amount of coins because all these resources are not at low prices because even if you want to purchase the characters like Koopa Troopa, you will be charged 800 coins.

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Koopa Troopa is a regular selected character by the players who want to collect more coins because they are able to give you a handful of coins.

How to Play Coin Rush?

At the top of your screen, there is a plus button right in front of your gold coins, and you have to tap that button to start playing in Mario Kart tour Coin Rush.

The gold Mario will take you through the tracks that are only covered with the gold coins. Then you have to select the multiplier that you want to apply on the gold coins you collected through the gold coin rush. For instance, you have chosen a multiplier of 2, then you have to spend 5 rubies, and if you select multiplier of 6, then you have to pay 15 rubies.

Once you finish the process of selecting the multiplier, then you will be land into the Mario Kart Tour coin rush. Coins rush will always be played on New York Courses.

Now, the gold Mario takes you through the courses to collect as much as gold coins possible, you are a gold Mario, and you don’t need to drive through the gold coins to receive them, you only have to go near, and gold Mario will automatically collect them for you.

Our Suggestion to Play Coins Rush

Our suggestion for playing Mario cart tour coins rush is to keep yourself (Gold Mario) in the middle of the track so that he can be able to collect from left and right both the sides. Hence you will get more and more coins.