Call of Duty Mobile Zombies Mode : Introduction and Tips to Win

call of duty mobile zombies mode

Call of duty mobile is a top-rated game nowadays, and recently the game has introduced the Call of duty zombies mode, which makes the player happier than ever before.

Zombies mode has three sub-game modes, i.e., Normal raid, hardcore raid, and survival. You can unlock zombies mode only when you reach the 5th level.

The game has updated it with COD mobile zombies mode for a limited time period but the developers never informed about the actual time on which the Zombies mode will leave the Call of duty.


Call of duty mobile has introduced the Shi No Numa map again from Call of Duty: World of war. You can play on this map with survival mode in which you can experience the classic zombies which are fighting against the endless waves for their survival.

In raid mode, the game will throw a set number of waves at you prior to the transitioning to an encounter against the giants.

You can play in normal or heroic difficulty levels, but if you chose to play the heroic difficulty, then a unique map calls Easter egg will be unlocked in the survival mode.

On the other hand, playing COD mobile zombies mode means you are going to earn more rewards, which means you could not run out of the resources in this game.

What Can You Expect From this Call Of Duty Mobile Zombies Mode?

The more exciting things you can expect from this brand new Call of duty Mobile Zombies mode is the return of Shi No Numa map, the new areas, and weapons to play the fantastic mode, and more important is the much more rewards. You can grab up to five prizes for every session you play.

Here we are listing out some of the useful tips and tricks to play the game for making your gameplay much more thrilling. If you are in short of in game currency then don’t hesitate to use call of duty mobile hack to earn free in game currency in the game.

Tips and Tricks for COD mobile Zombies Mode

1. Shoot With Maintaining Proper Distance From Zombies

Always try to keep a safe distance from zombies at the time of the shooting. You cannot destroy the zombies in a single shot.

2. Play with the Team

Playing COD mobile zombies mode with a team of friends or strangers will enhance your gaming experience because a key to survival in this mode is teamwork. For instance, a single player will do a lot of struggle to block the windows, but the team will definitely make the work short for barricading the windows.

3. Keep aim to shoot Heads

This is the useful Call of duty mobile zombies mode tip because if you focus on shooting on the head, it will save ammo. This trick may be less useful while there are more than one zombies but try to use this whenever possible.

4. Keep Fixing Windows

Fixing the windows to shut properly is one of the essential tips when you decide on taking on 8 waves that consist of a big group of zombie and zombie dogs from within the house only. It raises the score too.

If you keep on repairing the windows that will help you to reduce the flow of the zombies in the house so make sure you will keep this tip while playing the zombies mode in Call of duty mobile.

5. Face Bosses with RPG

RPG is one of the important content while facing the Bosses because it deals with a significant amount of damage. If you are playing in a team then you can send some players to concentrate on picking the zombies so that you can rush to grab the RPGs to utilize them against the bosses.

6. Grab those guns which can load the maximum quantity of ammo

Grab the guns like PDW-57 and AK117 because these can fit the more ammo. If you have these guns with you then you can do more damage for sure.

7. Focus on Moving

You must be fast on your feet because moving forward will be challenging even you face a single zombie and impossible if there are more than one zombie. Hence focus on moving, reloading and shooting.

8. Benefit of Saving Revive Token

If you are playing the game survival or hardcore raid then saving the revive token for later stages will be beneficial for you. It will not look like much but if you have protected the PDW-57 and AK117 rifles in your account, they will be vanished once you revive with the tokens and the benefit can be lost. For obtaining the guns you must have to all the way again.

9. Track Zombies

Keep a keen look on the map to track the locations of the zombies so that you can save yourself and survive for the longer span of the time.

10. Spend Points fearlessly

You will never run out of the points while playing zombies mode in Call of duty, and you must keep spend points on purchasing the weapons, reload ammo, areas, and perks. Because points can’t be used if you shot dead in the game so spending them to keep yourself alive is always an intelligent decision.

11. Utilize the Electric Traps

Once you get the 750 points in your game account, then you can activate the electric traps on the map. There are electronic traps inside and outside of the house so that you can use these traps to burnout the zombies.

12. Come out of the house in advance stages of the game

Coming out of the house will give you more space to move and kill the zombies by shooting them so that powerful zombies will not easily find and shoot you.

That’s all for the Call of Duty Mobile zombies mode for this article. Don’t forget to share your gaming experience by using these COD tips and tricks.

Stay tuned for more details because there is much more fantastic stuff is on its way. Till then, goodbye! Enjoy the Game!